I Don’t Write Black Stories

Nadia Carmon
5 min readJan 31, 2021

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” ~ Jim Morrison

An ex-Black Metal musician takes up a gig as the host of a children’s tv program, where he plays one half of a human-muppet duo. The muppet is a cat named Grinch, who steals every moment he can to make fun of said musician’s brooding disposition.

The rest of the cast includes a feisty network executive, a Korean-American millennial intern, a woman from the Westboro Baptist Church dressed as, what else, a seductive angel, and a host of other characters.

Nekfrit and His Fluffy Cat Grinch is easily one of the most personal scripts i’ve ever written. Where elsewhere i’ve taken life experiences I haven’t had, (such as the horrors of war), and fused them with those I have (such as the trauma and vulnerability of being a woman), in order to tell a story that is compelling but ultimately fictitious, Nekfrit started out as a conversation I had with myself about the things that characterized my youth.

The Goal Was Two-Fold:

To experiment with writing outside of the genres I usually gravitate towards (Sci Fi, Horror, Action), and, in essence, to poke fun at my childhood and the seriousness with which I viewed the world — To find the joy and the comedy in what otherwise might appear to be a mass of years spent doing nothing of significance.

The final product, an ultra short script I wrote over the course of a week, helped me to find the nostalgia i’d long-since…



Nadia Carmon

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