The Place of Dreams in Simulation Theory

Nadia Carmon
8 min readJan 22

My very speculative theory on the connection between dream and space time via Simulation Theory

In your mind and DNA, there’s a recording of the entire history of the universe.

It’s a massive data storage, one that extends beyond the experiences of you and your ancestors — Beyond all of the things either of you have witnessed across your entire lifetimes combined.

You might have heard the anecdote of the person who encountered a bear in the wild and immediately ran up a tree, not just to escape the bear, but because of a deep-rooted ancestral memory (Say from a Slavic ancestor), which passed down this fear of the bear and the innate response of running up the tree to their present-day kin.

Now, imagine this, but on a larger, universal scale.

In order to visualize this concept a bit more clearly, we must re-introduce two important facts:

  1. Human beings are 99.9% alike.

This means that if you take two human beings and compare them, despite any physical or even genetic differences in gender, race, or any other factors, those two humans will be more related than not.

2. We are all made of stardust.

“Most of the elements of our bodies were formed in stars over the course of billions of years and multiple star lifetimes. However, it’s also possible that some of our hydrogen (which makes up roughly 9.5% of our bodies) and lithium, which our body contains in very tiny trace amounts, originated from the Big Bang.” (National History Museum, England)

If these two points have yet to convince you of the infinite connectedness of every living thing in the universe, there’s more…

I’m going to propose that there’s a missing link in the theory of shared consciousness, and other unifying theories which have been proposed by intellectual thinkers (such as Freud, for instance).

This missing link, as it were, connects to a more well-known theory which has gained much popularity the last few years: Simulation Theory.

And the missing link…Dreams.

Simulation Theory: Defined

Nadia Carmon

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