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Top 5 Leadership Styles in Game of Thrones & Predictions for House of the Dragon

Source: Jonathan Kemper

As we enter a new realm of the George R. R. Martin franchise, I thought it’d be fun to highlight the unique leadership styles of the major characters from Game of Thrones and compare-contrast them with the new characters in House of Dragon.

The goal is to see how well these attributes translate to the modern-day workplace.

Below you’ll find a list of 5 GoT characters and their accompanying leadership styles, which I’ve organized from worst to best (in my opinion, of course).

Below that, I’ll share my predictions for what I think may happen to this new set of characters in House of the Dragon. Because we don’t yet know them, I won’t give any definitive answers on their leadership styles.

But I may compare them to previous Game of Thrones characters or give my interpretation of their leadership abilities thus far.

Got your own predictions? Feel free to give them a shout out below!

5. Worst — The Micromanager — Cersei Lannister

This is not a surprise to anyone.

One might say that Cersei Lannister’s ‘career’ was all but decided for her at birth. But I think that’s too easy.

In reality, she took the Lannister name to new depths of loathing all by herself.

As far as her management style is concerned, she’s definitely a micromanager.

Her employees are chess pieces that she moves at the flick of a wrist.

While she famously says, “Power is power”, it’s never occurred to her that over time the Lannisters have become more feared than respected for their name…Begging the question, once that fear is gone, what are you left with?

In the modern world, you would eventually lose your most talented men and women via brain drain.

Micromanaging does not inspire loyalty.



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